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CHOCOLATE MOUSSE : Chocolate Cake, chocoalte mousse filling, chocolate buttercream icing, chocoate shavings

BAILEY'S IRISH CREAM : chocoalte cake, bailey's cream filling, vanilla buttercream, chocolate garnish

MOZART: chocolate walnut brownie, ganache, chocoalte cake, dark chocolate glaze, chocolate garnish

BLACK FOREST : chocolate cake, black cherry filling, chocolate glaze

SACHER TORTE : chocolate cake, raspberry mousse filling, ganache icing

WHITE CHOCOLATE TOFFEE TORTE : chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse and toffee filling, milk chocolate glaze

GERMAN CHOCOLATE : chocolate cake, german chocolate filling, ganache icing

OREO : chocolate and vanilla cake, vanilla mousse filling, chocolate glaze

CREAM DE MENTHE CHOCOLATE CHIP : chocolate cake, cream de methe chocolate chip filling, buttercream icing

WHITE CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CHAMBORD : vanilla cake, raspberry mousse filling, buttercream icing, white chocolate shavings

GRAND MARNIER : vanilla cake, orange mousse filling, white chocolate glaze

STRAWBERRY BAVARIAN : vanilla cake, strawberry bavarian filling, buttercream icing, white chocolate shavings and white chocolate dipped strawberries

LEMON MOUSSE : vanilla cake, lemon mousse filling, white chocolate glaze

LEMON RASPBERRY MOUSSE: vanilla cake, layers of lemon mousse filling and raspberry mousse filling, white chocolate glaze

ITALIAN CREAM GATEAU : vanilla cake, cream cheese, coconut & pecan filling and icing

SYMPHONY : layers of chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cake and vanilla cake with ganache filling and raspberry mousse filling, wrapped with white chocolate

PINA COLADA : vanilla cake, pina colada (with rum) filling, buttercream icing, pineapple and white chocolate topping

DYNASTY : vanilla cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate and white chocolate strips and shaved topping

TIRAMISU : espresso soaked white cake with chocolate, cream cheese and rum

CARROT CAKE : fresh carrots cake, coconut, pecan and cream cheese filling, butter cream icing

RED VELVET : red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, wrapped with white chocolate

VIENNA FRUIT TORTE: white chiffon cake,layers of 5 fresh fruits in white mousse,white butter cream icing

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  • $4.00 per serving on most styles
  • Call for internet price
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